First Symposium is a result of artistic collaboration between Swiss based artists/curators/producers and Russian speaking artists
Day 1
22 of May at 10:00-12:00 CET


10.00 - introduction of the project > Dina Khuseyn / Nika Parkhomosvkaia 
10.05 - few words from Pro Helvetia head office in Moscow > Anton Fleurov
10.10 - introduction from a moderator of the first day > Swiss choreographer and curator Meret Schlegel
10.15 Presentation of projects following a 2-week online residency where selected Russian-speaking and Swiss artists worked together on a project proposed by a Russian-speaking artist.

List of participants:
Yulia Arsen and Nicole Seiler 
Daria Iuriichuk and Miriam Coretta Schulte 
Katya Kanke and Rudi van der Merwe
Katya Volkova/Natasha Zhukova and Alessandra Mattana 
Ekaterina Kalyuzhnaya and Gabor Varga 
Dasha Sedova and Catol Teixeira 
Day 2
23 of May at 10:00-12:00 CET


Open discussion moderated by Swiss choreographer and curator Gabor Varga, about the following topics and questions:
How can contemporary dance exist and develop in Russia now, and can it? / Are our pre-war works and instruments relevant now? / If the artist is from a fascist country, does he embody fascism in his body, his action, his work and his mode of production? / Does it make sense to do anti-war work inside the country if, because of censorship, it has to be packaged in such a way that no one realises it is anti-war? / Does an artist from Russia carry the stigma of authoritarianism in his body and mind? / Can artists free themselves from the political and national agenda in their work, or is there an obligation/expectation for the Russian artist to "speak out about the war", "take a stand", "renounce the motherland"? / ...and others.

List of participants:

Alexander Andriyshkin, Taras Burnashev, Anna Garafeeva, Andrey Korolenko, Olga Tsvetkova, Vera Priklonskaya, Dina Khuseyn, Nika Parkhomovskaia